Battle for the Best Fish Taco
may the tastiest recipe win!

Victory tastes

As part of Rubio’s 40th Anniversary
celebration, we’re holding a competition
for the next best fish taco that could
win you $1,000 cash, and your
taco featured on the Rubio’s
menu for a limited time!

  1. Jump

    Enter your recipe along with a mouth-watering photo of your fish taco.

  2. Cast
    Your Vote

    The taco-loving public will vote on the taco they think sounds the most amazing to select our 3 finalists.

    March 20 – April 3
  3. The Bite of
    Your Life

    If you’re one of the 3 finalists, you’ll come to sunny San Diego to compete in a live cooking contest before a panel of judges, including our founder, Ralph Rubio.

    April 21
  4. And the
    Winner is…

    The Grand Prize Winner gets $1,000 and their taco will be featured on the Rubio’s menu for a limited time.

    Announced by
    may 12

The Rules


Choose one of these proteins for your taco: shrimp, mahi mahi or pollock.


Choose any standard size, 5”-6”, corn, flour, or keto tortillas to hold it all together.


You can use any of Rubio’s current ingredients and up to three new ingredients to make your taco unique. But no nuts or raw seafood.

Sauces &

You may use any of Rubio’s existing sauces or salsas, or create your own! Sauces or salsas count as one new ingredient.

Keep It

Your final product should fit right in with the Rubio‘s menu.

See full contest rules & terms.