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The Best Recipe for a Perfect Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is the unofficial Thanksgiving-ish holiday that’s been growing in popularity for the past few years. In fact, many people look forward to their Friendsgiving celebration just as much as Thanksgiving itself.

If you haven’t hosted or attended a Friendsgiving dinner yet, this is your year to start. Here’s what you need to know about this fun new trend and how to plan a perfect Friendsgiving.


What is Friendsgiving?

As the name suggests, Friendsgiving is a mashup of friends and Thanksgiving. It’s for anyone who:

  • Can’t make it home for Thanksgiving but wants to celebrate with friends close by
  • Prefers a more laid-back and less formal Thanksgiving celebration
  • Can’t get enough of the Thanksgiving festivities and wants more

While Thanksgiving is all about tradition, with Friendsgiving, anything goes. It’s an opportunity to enjoy all your favorite things about Thanksgiving — food, drinks, laughter, football (if you like) with your nearest and dearest friends. And the best part is, there are no tablecloths, seating arrangements, or rules about what to serve.


Friendsgiving Planning Tips

One nice thing about Friendsgiving is that it does not have a designated day. You get to choose the date and time that works best for everyone’s schedule. Many people like to celebrate it the weekend before Thanksgiving, but if no one is traveling or has plans for the actual Thanksgiving Day, schedule Friendsgiving on Thanksgiving Day. If there’s a can’t-miss football game on a Saturday afternoon, plan a Friendsgiving watch party for that day.

After choosing a date, decide who will host and designate someone (ideally the most organized person in the group) to be the party coordinator. You don’t have to go overboard with the plans but keep a list of who will bring what and how to divide up the tasks. Make sure you consider:

  • Invitations: Decide if they’ll be mailed, emailed, or texted.
  • Plates and silverware: Will the host have enough? Do you prefer to use disposable plates or paper goods for easier cleanup?
  • Dietary preferences: Will there be enough food options for those on restricted diets?
  • Drinks: Consider having the host provide non-alcoholic beverages and coffee or tea, and BYOB for the rest.
  • Set up and clean up: Make sure you share the work as well as the fun!
  • The cost: Decide among the group if