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No Matter Which Diet You Follow, Rubio’s Has You Covered

A new year is an ideal opportunity for a fresh start, and for many people, that means making some healthier changes in some diets. Whether your goal is to reduce your calories, add more plants, power up on protein, or hit a goal of seafood twice each week, Rubio’s has you covered. We have plenty of options, and our menu is designed to let you substitute or tailor your meal to your dietary preferences.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular eating patterns, and how Rubio’s makes mealtime easier for you — no matter which diet you follow.

Vegan and Vegetarian Options

A vegan diet restricts animal products like meat, chicken, fish, dairy, and eggs — but all plant foods get the green light. Vegetarian diets are built on a base of plants but often include some eggs or dairy. Both options can be a healthy way to incorporate more plants into your diet.

Whether you follow these diet patterns strictly or just occasionally, we’ve got plenty of plant-based proteins for you, like Impossible™ Meat, made from plants, beans, and quinoa. And our grilled veggie entrees are made with a blend of cauliflower