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Seafood Paella

When you need a warm, delicious homemade dinner that brings friends and family together, surprise everyone with a pan of Paella. Full of color, flavor, and a variety of seafood, this tasty Seafood Paella recipe is surprisingly easy to make (it’s mostly hands-off), and it feeds a crowd.


What is Paella?

Paella is a rice dish, native to Valencia, a region in the eastern part of Spain.  The word paella is also a Valencian term for the type of large pan that the dish is prepared in — although any large, heavy frying pan works well.

Of course, we’re partial to seafood, but the beauty of paella is that there are so many variations. It can feature meats, chicken, seafood, vegetables, or a mix of everything. However, there is a one-star ingredient in all Spanish paella recipes, and that’s saffron. It’s the spice that gives the rice in this dish its characteristic golden-yellow color, and it adds a subtle but complex flavor.

This Seafood Paella recipe is a perfect one-pan meal that’s sure to please all the seafood lovers in